Hank Gans Photography

All images © Hank Gans 2017. All rights reserved.
610 Stockton Court
Edgewater NJ 07020

Van Brunt Gallery
The Van Brunt art gallery in Beacon, New York. Hank's work has been exhibited and exceedingly well received at the Van Brunt Gallery.

Center for Fine Art Photography
The Center of Fine Art Photography is located in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fort Collins, Colorado.Hank's work  has been included in several of the Center's exhibits

Silvermine Guild of Artists
Hank's work has been featured in several of the Guild's photography and mixed media exhibits

Jook Leung's 360 degree photo of Hank's Bergen County exhibit opening.

Jook Leung's amazing 360 degree photo of a recent get-together with Hank Gans

The beautiful music of Stan Strickland 
including a gallery of Hank Gans' photographs of Stan's covers and studio sessions

The Domeischel Gallery 
Jack Domeischel and Anita Chernewski's Manhattan gallery, exhibiting classic and contemporary photography and the work of emerging photographers