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Hank Gans
The Golden Light
Photo Workshop

4 Full Days

July 21-24, 2014  •  $495
at the beautiful Gibson House Bed and Breakfast
in Haverhill, New Hampshire



Join Hank Gans in a photographic exploration of the people, places, and summer light of the beautiful Upper Connecticut River Valley and White Mountain areas. Great photo opportunities are around every corner as we explore the towns, villages, farmland and forests of New Hampshire and Vermont that sit along the banks of New England’s greatest waterway, the Connecticut River. 

Magnificent moments are sure to be discovered and photographed during optional early morning field trips. We’ll return to the Gibson House to be warmed by a gourmet breakfast followed by workshop instruction and critiques.

The colorful Victorian walls and beautiful antique fixtures of the Gibson House, itself are wonderful backdrops and its many large windows ideal light sources for natural light portraiture and still lifes. The Gibson House Flower Garden abounds with subjects for flower and landscape photography. 

Afternoon “golden light” field trips will offer opportunities to capture the play of light on Northern New England’s unique architecture and those who inhabit it as well as the beauty of the rivers and surrounding countryside. Whenever possible, shooting will continue until twilight. 

Photographs taken during the workshop will be critiqued and, for those who are interested, at least one archival printing session will be conducted using photographs taken by workshop participants. 

Hank will generously share wisdom and knowledge derived from many years as a commercial and fine art photographer, and from his twelve years of experience working exclusively in digital photography. 

As a teacher, Hank patiently manages groups of workshop attendees with multiple interests and skills as he guides them through the process of learning how to see, capture and process each image.    

His encouragement and vision will enable each workshop participant to develop skills and confidence, and ultimately have rewarding photographic experiences and thrilling results. Hank opens the eyes, the minds and the hearts of his workshop attendees to see the essential relationship of light, color and drama in a moment, capture it digitally, and, then, finally, beautifully reproduce that moment in print.  




Hank Gans is widely recognized for his stunning color portraiture, cityscapes, landscapes and wildlife photographs, which are in museums and galleries and in many private collections throughout the world. 
Prior to his successful move to fine art photography, Hank Gans had won many Art Director’s Club Awards doing commercial assignments for high profile corporate clients such as A.T.&T, Merrill Lynch, Ciba Geigy and Johnson and Johnson.



His work has appeared several times in Photographis, the Swiss annual publication of “the world's best advertising and editorial photography”. His Manhattan panoramas were recently featured in The Panobook, the international annual of outstanding digital panoramic photography. Three of Hank’s panoramas were given silver awards and eight were given bronze awards in 2011 by the Epson International Pano Awards and one was chosen as one of the fifty best panoramas, worldwide.


Hank’s assigned editorial work has most recently appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Paris Match and Le Monde. His fine art photography was recently featured in the New York Times. 

His images are also published as fine art lithographs and are distributed worldwide by Wizard and Genius, Zurich, Switzerland. 

A contributor to the landmark Whole Photography Catalog, Hank has also written many articles for Photomethods, Photopro and Studio Photography magazines. He is a DxO Image Master.

Hank teaches photography at The Art School at Old Church in Demarest, New Jersey. His classes are typically wait-listed due to their popularity. 

Hank Gans Student Testimonials

“The Photography class with Hank Gans inspired me beyond anything I could have imagined; basically I had no clue when I started! I never thought I could embrace photography as an art form the same way as I love drawing. Hank’s vision, enthusiasm and love of the craft comes through his teaching and opens our ability to see and learn. It’s a great experience being in his class and having the opportunity to learn. His knowledge is broad based from the technical (hard and software) to the aesthetics ... his sense of Beauty is AMAZING! The enthusiasm is contagious and nurturing.” - E. S.

“Being a student of Hank's has been an extraordinary journey. Tapping his several decades of experience, Hank guided me past the roadblocks of not understanding the technicalities of the craft to feeling confident and exhilarated as the process of taking a photograph becomes second nature. Hank wisely and patiently imparted the technical and aesthetic elements of what constitutes a good photograph and then mentored me through the steps of photographing, editing, [digitally] processing and printing my images. He encouraged and helped direct my evolution as a photographer. Hank inspires, guides, and teaches with grace, and wisdom. Studying photography with Hank Gans has been truly life changing for me.

“While Hank helped me develop my personal skills, amazingly, he was able to work, simultaneously, with each individual in the group enhancing each one's skills sets and competence, even though we began at entirely different levels of experience and ability.” - A. F.

“Hank taught me the many aspects of photography from what equipment I needed, how to use it, lighting, composition, to post production, printing and framing. Hank's constructive feedback has been invaluable in improving the pictures I take. I feel much more confident as a photographer and really like the results. He has also changed the way I look at my surrounding, particularly the sky after a storm. Thank you, Hank, for your patience and for sharing your many years of experience with us all.” - C.O.

“Hank Gans is a gift. He taught me how to really see the beauty that surrounds us and then how to capture it with my camera. He is a wonderful, kind and caring teacher.” - E. F.

“To study with Hank is to be in the presence of a great artist and a compassionate and wise mentor.” - G. F.

“Hank Gans is a both a gifted artist and a master digital printer with the temperament to teach all aspects of this complex art-form to students of all levels. I have found his photography class to be challenging, fun, and, most of all, helpful in demystifying all the software out there. - L. L.”

“After purchasing a digital SLR, I found myself a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and resorted to shooting everything in program mode. All of that changed after attending Hank’s classes! Entering his class as a true amateur with no photographic experience other than with “point and shoots”, I felt totally comfortable asking even the most rudimentary questions. After the first couple of sessions, I was well on my way to shooting manual and editing my images. Hank is a treasure trove of knowledge and his passion for the art of photography is truly contagious!”  -M. Z.


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